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Products and Services

Zipcash is a money transfer service which allows customers to send or receive money locally and
internationally through the postal network. Zipcash enables customers in the
diaspora to send money back home through the post office. It enables easy
transfer of university fees and cash for a cross section
of people such as students, cross border traders and
drivers. With a network of 760 000 post offices
worldwide, money transfer has been made
easy and convenient through Zipcash  


Zipcash is a money transfer service that sits on an electronic platform called IFS and allows for domestic and international money transfer. In other words, The IFS domestic transactions is replacing money orders. Locally, this service can also be used for pension payments.

The international system will at the moment allow Zimpost to send and receive money transfers to and from Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE and Kenya while negotiations with other countries are in progress.

Mobile money transfers

  • Zipcash
  • One Wallet
  • Ecocash
  • Telecash

Agent Banking for:

  • POSB,
  • CABS and
  • Steward bank.

International Money Transfer Partner for:

  • Western Union,
  • World Remit,
  • Hello Paisa and
  • Money Gram.

Other Financial Services

  • FBC MasterCard and
  • ZB e-Wallet

Zimpost offers a variety of services on behalf of other companies and these include:

  • Motor vehicle Insurance (Champion Insurance, ICZ, NICOZ Diamond)
  • Motor Vehicle licences (ZINARA)
  • Car Radio licences (ZBC)
  • Motor vehicle number plates (CVR)
  • Change of ownership (CVR) including minor changes on registration book details
  • Driver’s licence collections (CVR)
  • Pensions payments (NRZ, First Mutual and NSSA)
  • Insurance Sales (DSTV, Land fees, etc)
  • Pre-paid electricty (ZETDC)
  • Newspapers (The Herald, Sunday Times, The Mirror)
  • Government Services (DDF, Land fees, payment of Chiefs and Headman, ZIMRA Taxes)
  • Government forms (Affidavit, Finger Prints, CR14, Summons, Memorandum of Understanding)

Zimpost also pays out pensions for NRZ, First Mutual and NSSA. Other pension funds are invited so that pensioners do not travel long distances to access their benefits

Postal Outlets

Zimpost operates a network of 239 postal outlets comprising of fully fledged post offices, off-counters, sub-post offices, postal agents and mobile post offices.
Zimpost has also issued stamp vendor licenses to businesses to sell postage stamps, registered envelopes etc for a commission and these form part of the network.

Posting boxes

A post box is the recepticle of postal articles for transmission by the post office. Zimpost operates a network of posting boxes. The boxes are situated at sites that provide convenience and reduce distances to be covered for purposes of posting letters.

Private letter Box

The private letter box is for receiving mail by a customer who rent boxes from the post office. This service is convenient as the mail recipient can retrieve letters at their convenience. Private letter boxes are situated at Post Offices or at shopping centres, schools etc as satellite or stand-alone units.
This service provides the ultimate solution to people who occasionally change residential adresses as this private box address can be maintained for as long as the renter desires.
Corporates have found this service to be convenient as their staff can retrieve their mail at specific times to fit in with the organization’s programmes.

Private Bag

The private letter bag is yet another option available to Zimpost clients for receiving mail. This same service is normally preferred by schools, hospitals, mines and corporates who are keen to have their mail from the post office received by designated officers at their premises. This ensures maximum security of mail when it moves from the post office to the private bag renter.

Mail room Management Services (Confidentiality Guaranteed)

Mail room Management Services is a facility specifically designed to cater for the mailing needs of corporate clients. It is a service where Zimpost receives printed statements from corporate clients and processes them at either Zimpost premises or the client's premises.

The pre-posting preparation process involves detaching, folding, enveloping, sticking labels and sorting of statements for delivery. This facility can be used by everyone including banks, credit stores, and advertising agencies


Classified into domestic and international letters, these are cleared from posting boxes regularly with international letters dispatched by the first available flight

Business Reply Service

This is a promotional activity where companies enclose return addressed envelopes into their clients’ mail with the payment for the postage stamps done by the promoting company. This facility is pre-registered upon payment of a licence fee.

Postage Paid in Cash (PPIC)

For Corporate bulk mailers who post at least 100 letters per batch. No stamps are fixed but the customer gets a receipt for the postage.

Franking machine

Customers purchase franking units equivalent to the postage paid. They can then use the units as and when required.


Categorized as domestic or international. Domestic parcels originate and are delivered within the country. International parcels are foreign parcels that are either ordinary or registered for delivery in another. Parcels can be insured in case of loss or damage and all post offices offer insurance as per customer declaration.


Registration allows for easy tracking and security as it calls for mandatory hand to hand passage. All insured/ registered parcels are bar coded to allow for electronic tracking and tracing. Tracking can also be done via the Zimpost website

Small Packets

Zimpost has introduced the Small Packet service for both local and international destinations. . Zimpost as Zimbabwe’s sole designated postal operator facilitates the exchange of postal services with other postal operators worldwide.

A small packet is an internationally recognized letter post item weighing between 100g and 2kgs. The packet may be sent either as a registered item or as an ordinary item

Direct Mail

Zimpost is able to deliver un-addressed and addressed promotional materials, which can be in the form of fliers, brochures, pamphlets, etc. to private boxes and street addresses at affordable rates. Direct Mail is a selling method, promotional and research medium. Zimpost visits 700 000 addresses, six days in a week.

Advertising Space

Advertisers can place their framed adverts within the postal halls in Zimpost outlets throughout the country. Advertising space is also available on Zimpost building walls, both internally and externally and on state-of-the –art posting boxes.

Zimpost delivery network cuts across all income groups, which enables advertisers to strategically position adverts in a suitably located post office of their choice. Our customer traffic figures are in excess of 2 million a month

Zimpost in partnership with Zimbogini online shop

Zimpost is a distributor of groceries for Zimbogini customers countrywide. Zimbogini customers who purchase groceries through the Zimbogini website (www.zimbogini.com) will have these items delivered to their door step by Zimpost.

The offices offering these services include Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Chinhoyi, Rusape, Marondera and Norton.

Zimpost’s responsibility in this arrangement is merely to deliver these groceries to Zimbogini’s customer


Zimpost now offers “One Stop Shop” facilities for all diverse needs of scholastic stationery, commercial stationery and textbooks. Customers are guaranteed competitive prices, convenience, wide product range and quality merchandise from reputable local and international suppliers. Zimpost offers one-price nationwide!


To enhance distribution of agricultural products to farmers, Zimpost entered into strategic alliances with seed, fertilizer and chemical companies. Agricultural inputs can now be accessed conveniently especially for the rural populace at their nearest post office. Bulk purchasers can also have their inputs delivered for collection at the neares post office through CourierConnect, a Zimpost subsidiary


We sell bulk and retail airtime for all networks.

Printing and photocopying

Available at selected offices for bulk and small jobs services.

Internet Services

Surf the net, in a convivial atmosphere at selected outlets. There are also games within the cafes like, pool and play station.

Real Estate

Zimpost offers space rentals to complimentary business at very reasonable rates.

Safe Custody

Zimpost now offers a new service known as Safe Custody which allows corporates and individuals to safely keep their valuable documents such as companies’ registration certificates, share certificates, title deeds, licenses, legal documents and tagged spare keys for offices, houses, cars and safes.

Post Bus Services

Zimpost has introduced coaches with trailers to carry mail, parcels and passengers. This brings a lot of advantages to the commuting public

  • Reliability – A proper timetable and routing schedule is used.
  • Efficiency - Delivery of mail/parcels is always on time every time
  • Affordable- Zimpost is a brand well known for its fairness and consistency. Fairs are constant even during holidays
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