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Products and Services


PostMoney is a digital money order which currently allows customers to send and receive USD cash at affordable rates throughout Zimpost's expansive postal network of over 240 outlets. The charge for sending money is currently pegged at approximately 2.5% of the value. Depositing money into one's wallet and withdrawing it is free of any charges. Register with PostMoney today for a personal mobile USD savings wallet/account.

Post Bureau De Change

The Post Bureau De Change enables customers to buy or sell foreign currency at selected Post Offices across the country. It offers limited value transactions that include on-spot buying and selling of foreign currency, switching of currencies encompassing bank notes, coins, and international debit cards as well as RTGS dollars that include Bond notes, Bond coins, mobile money, and RTGS bank balances and any other transactions authorized by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Post Bureau de Change also allows for selling of foreign currency to walk-in clients who need to pay individuals or professional subscriptions, fund Business Travel Allowance (BTA) or Fund Personal or Holiday Travel Allowances.

IFS Electronic Money Transfer Services

Enables customers to send and receive money locally or internationally through designated Post Offices. It sits on an electronic platform called International Financial System (IFS) developed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which connects over 600,000 Post Offices worldwide. IFS allows customers to transfer money without tying them to a bank account. It is a highly affordable, quick and secure way of remitting money locally and across borders.

International Money Transfer Services

Zimpost is an Agent of International Money Transfer Organizations and pays incoming remittances to customers on their behalf. Some of the principal partners are:
  • Access Forex
  • Met Remit
  • Post Safe Custody

    This involves the safe-keeping of Cash and important documents at selected Post Offices for an agreed period of time. Under this service a customer can entrust the safe-keeping of his/her cash with Zimpost and may also give payment instructions which will be effected accordingly. Items accepted for safe custody include Title Deeds, Wills, foreign currency Cash as well as Share and Academic/Professional Certificates.

    Post Insurance

    Post Insurance is a motor vehicle insurance service that offers both Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance Covers. This Insurance service, which is underwritten by NICOZ Diamond Insurance Company is available at all Post Offices across the country. Post Insurance claims are also handled at all Post Offices. Post Insurance has brought about great convenience to the motoring public who used to travel long distances to lodge-in their insurance claims.

    Agency Banking

    Zimpost is now offering banking services on behalf of a number of banks. The agent banking services include cash deposits and withdrawals as well as accepting loan applications amongst other things. Zimpost has entered into Agent Banking Agreements with the following banks: POSB, CABS, Stewart Bank, FBC master card and MetBank, while many more are expected to come on board.

    Pension Payments

    Zimpost disburses pension payouts through its postal outlets countrywide to lessen transport costs incurred by pensioners travelling to collect their monthly payments from banks. Pension payouts are made on behalf of NSSA, FML and NRZ.

    Zimpost offers these services on behalf of the following government departments and enterprises:


    • Motor vehicle licences(ZINARA)
    • Car radio licences (ZBC)
    • home and television licences (ZBC)
    • E-Ticketing

    • ZESA tokens
    • E-Registration - CENTRAL VEHICLE REGISTRY (CVR) vehicle registration

    • First time registration for all vehicles, trailers and motor-cycles.
    • Change of ownership (with new plates)
    • Change of ownership (without plates)
    • Change of plates
    • Change of vehicle particulars: (update of vehicle particulars)
    • Correction of chassis
    • Correction of engine number
    • Correction of first year used
    • Change of net mass and gross mass
    • Application of third number plates
    • Application of personalized number plates
    • Application for lost driver's license and third plates.
    • Submission of duplicate registration book applications.
    • Online bidder registration
    • Assistance in uploading documents
    • Collection of registration fees
    • Bid establishment fees
    • Bid bonds fees
    • Provision of registered mail delivery services to PRAZ
    • Provision of courier services to PRAZ

    Post pack packaging

    A prepaid, highly secure and lowly-priced plastic packaging which is suitable for conveying company documents and other small items. A door-to-door delivery service is available in all major towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

    Business Reply Service (BRS)

    Through a licence issued by Zimpost, companies are able to encourage responses by enclosing self-addressed envelopes in their clients' mail. The service can be used in marketing related surveys and in any other instances where feedback is required.

    Postage Paid in Cash (PPIC)

    This service is designed for bulk mailers who post at least 100 mail pieces at a time. No postage stamps are affixed to the letters which would be a cumbersome process, but the sender will simply get a receipt for the postage paid. The letters will be franked and dispatched for delivery immediately.

    Private letter boxes and bags

    Our clients can rent Private Letter Boxes and Private Bags at Post Offices of their choice. This is the ultimate solution for people who do not have permanent residential or office addresses and those who need access to their mail 24 hours, 7 days per week. Key attributes are affordability, security, privacy and flexibility.

    Mailroom Management Services

    This is a facility specifically designed to cater for the mailing needs of companies and institutions who churn out huge volumes of utility bills, statements and any other mail matter Zimpost will collect or accept, separate, staple, sort, frank, dispatch and deliver the mail in accordance with the specific needs of the clients. The service is highly secure, cost effective and time-bound.


    A letter is a hand-written or printed form of communication which is enclosed in a sealed or unsealed envelope and addressed to an individual or organization. Letters are sent through the post for delivery within or outside Zimbabwe.

    Registered Letter Service

    We deliver within 48 hours. With the service one can register cash at the Post Office for affordable, convenient and secure means of sending Cash throughout the country. This service has been expanded and adapted to also cater for Banks/Companies wishing to distribute ATM cards / highly sensitive documents to their customers throughout the country and aboard in a safe and secure manner.

    Direct Mail Service

    Zimpost is able to deliver unaddressed or addressed promotional materials such as fliers, brochures, pamphlets etc. throughout the country, at highly competitive charges. Globally Direct Mail has been acknowledged as a highly effective promotional and research medium Zimpost will help clients to reach out to their target market as well as measure the success of their promotional campaigns.

    Franking machines

    With the assistance of Zimpost, clients can acquire franking machines which they will use to print "postage paid" impressions on their mail. They will need to pre-purchase franking units in accordance with their postage requirements. The units can then be used and reloaded as and when it becomes necessary, without the need to purchase and affix physical postage stamps.

    Recorded Delivery Service

    A service designed for clients who need confirmation of receipt of items sent through the post for delivery within the country. The sender will be supplied with proof of delivery.

    Courier Connect Services

    Courier Connect is a Division of Zimbabwe Posts (Pvt) Ltd. It offers door-to-door deliveries in all major centres in the country while service to remote areas is through the postal network. The Division is locally licensed by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) for both the domestic and international courier services. Courier Connect is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU)ís Express Mail Service (EMS) Co-operative. This membership allows the Division to receive and send international mail to-and-from more than 700 000 postal outlets, the world over.

    EMS International

    EMS International is a time sensitive product for sending and receiving items weighing up to 30 kilograms to-and-from any destination the world over. The delivery times for this product vary according to distance and the air links available. In most cases, delivery is within 24 hours for Southern Africa, 48 hours to Europe and 72 hours for America and the rest of the world. A track and trace facility is available through the www.courierconnect.co.zw.

    EMS Domestic

    This product caters for domestic enveloped documents and parcels weighing up to 100 kilograms intended for local destinations. Delivery in major cities is by 9 am the next day.

    EMS Pack

    This is a prepaid temper-and-weather proof envelop, for items with weight limits of 500g, 1kg or 3kgs. Locally, the delivery standard is overnight by 0900 hours, for all major towns and cities. Internationally, the delivery times are in line with the stipulated EMS International service standards. A track and trace facility for EMS Packs to international destinations is available through www.courierconnect.co.zw

    Intra City

    A premium messenger service that is tailor made for urgent documents and parcels for delivery to addresses in the same city, confined to within a 50km radius. This service also caters for domestic and corporate relocation needs.

    Post Cargo

    This service caters for unpacked cargo with a weight limit of up to 2 999 kilograms. Items under this category include household and industrial goods, office furniture, fixtures and other unpacked goods such as computers fridges, Tyres etc. that require specialized handling. Normal delivery is within one week although the period may be shortened to meet customer requirements. Warehousing space may be provided at the customerís request. Lockable and sealable containers and cages are available for added security for those items that require safes during transit such as cell phones and other high value small items like jewellery.

    Post Logistics

    This is a facility that caters for bulk and voluminous items exceeding 2 999kg such as building and construction materials, farming, industrial and mining equipment, etc. The service also caters for the warehousing needs of the customers.

    What is Philately?

    It is the activity of studying and collecting Postage Stamps

    What is a Postage Stamp?

    The Postage stamp is more than just a label with a value inscribed on it as a prepayment of postage. It is an effective tool of communication and union between human beings. It is also a language, as it speaks the language of pictures i.e. a universal language which unlike written or oral communication, needs to interpreter except common sense and open mindedness.

    Types of Postage Stamps

  • The Definitive Postage Stamp
  • These are stamps issued for continuous sale for an indefinite period. They depict the development of a country, natural resources and other important activities relating to a particular country.
  • The Commemorative Stamp
  • They are stamps that are issued to commemorate special events and personalize in the history of a nation. The Commemorative stamps are issued for a relatively short period of time.

    First day covers

    These are special envelopes bearing new Stamp Issue. They are sold on the first day of Issue of the Stamp Issue


    A Postcard is a small printed card usually having a picture on one side and space for a short message and a stamp on the other side. It is mailed without an envelope. They are also Ambassadors of a Country as pictures of tourist attractions, animals, natural resources of a country may be printed on the cards. Postcard exchange activities promotes interaction with other countries globally
  • Zimbabwemall.post - an interactive online platform for sellers and buyers of a wide variety of goods
  • Virtual Post Office - a portal that allows customers to tour the Post Office and make online transactions
  • Stationery

    Zimpost offers for sale a wide variety of Office, Scholastic and New Curriculum Text books. Customers are guaranteed competitive prices, convenience, a wide product range and quality merchandise from reputable local and international suppliers.


    We sell both bulk and retail airtime from all networks.

    Post Techno

    Zimpost sells mobile handsets of various types and sizes as well as Solar Kits that are a real substitute of all non-renewable energy sources. Our prices are highly affordable and all items are available at Post Offices country-wide.

    School Trunks

    Zimpost is now a supermarket for all school requirements that include highly affordable and quality-guaranteed Tin-trunks on wheels, on stands and non-movable.


    To enhance distribution of agricultural products to farmers, Zimpost entered into strategic alliances with seed, fertilizer and chemical companies. Agricultural inputs can now be accessed conveniently especially for the rural populace at their nearest post office on an order basis.

    Post Production

    Zimpost now dresses all workers through the production of Work suites, corporate ware, face masks, school uniforms and any other merchandise tailor made to suite an individual's taste.

    Communication Information Centres (CICs) have been established at Post Offices to offer the following:

  • Training facilities-equipped with computers
  • Internet Surfing
  • WIFI hotspots
  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Gaming services