Zimpost to release a new set of exotic cows postage stamp issue

A L W A Y S   T H E R E  -  F O R   Y O U!

Zimpost will issue a commemorative stamp issue set of four dairy exotic cows on 22 August 2017. The stamp issue will feature the following four dairy exotic cows’ postage stamps:

  • Aryshire
  • Holstein
  • Jersey and
  • Reddane dairy breeds.

The set of stamps have four values i.e 40c, 75c, 85c and $1 denominations. The stamps are available at selected Zimpost outlets and the philatelic bureau at Harare Main Post Office.

The exotic cows theme was selected to enlighten farmers and the general public about the various species and types of exotic cows and the desired requirements for the attainment of better yields.

Dairy cows must always be handled in a quiet and orderly manner to avoid stress; there are many different dairy breeds (each with their own characteristics, colour and markings, average size, conformation and breed butterfat and protein content).


These cows originated in Scotland. They are considered to be the most beautiful of all the dairy breeds with good udders, straight topline and a level rump. Their coat colour varies from pure white to deep cherry red, brown or mahogany in combination with white markings bullets.

  • Milk yields range between 5 500 litres and 8 000 litres,
  • Butterfat and protein levels between 3.6% - 4.2% and 3.28 – 3.41% respectively.


The Friesland, commonly refered to as the black and white cow originated in the northern provinces of Holland. Strict breeding policies have evolved a high producing cow; The Holstein. This is now the most common dairy breed in the world.

  • Milk yields range between 5 000 litres and 12 000 litres per lactation ,
  • Butterfat levels of 3.1% – 3.6% and protein levels between 2.8% - 3.2%.


This breed originated on the island of Jersey, off the French coast. They are the smallest of all dairy breeds, Heifers mature relatively quickly. Their colour varies from light fawn to different shades of brown and some may be black.

  • Milk yields ranges from 4 000 litres to 6 500 litres per lactation ,
  • Butterfat and protein levels ranging between 4.72% - 5.3% and 3.44% - 3.81% respectively.


The Red Dane breed originated in Denmark and maybe classified as a dual-purpose animal. The desirable cow is medium sized, with a smooth coat ranging from brown to dark brown in colour and with a dark brown to black muzzle and black hooves.

  • Lactation yields range from 6 000 to 8 500 litres per lactation,
  • Butterfat and protein levels vary between 4.1% - 4.3% and 3.43% - 3.61% respectively.

For many years there has been debate on the merits of cross breeding dairy cattle. There are difficulties in maintaining the desired breed mix over the long term and maintaining the purity of the maternal stock in sufficient numbers. An alternative to cross breeding is the selection of cows from within the same breed. This has been managed under similar conditions over many years and it has been proven to be good.

Commemorative stamps are issued to inform or educate the public about a given issue, honor special events and personalities in the history of a nation.

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