Zimpost launches the registered post promotion

A L W A Y S   T H E R E  -  F O R   Y O U!

Zimpost launched the ‘Registered Post’ Promotion which allows clients to send or receive hard cash throughout Zimbabwe using the Zimpost registered letter service which targets the movement of cash between urban and rural customers, tertiary students and school children at boarding schools from the 1st of October 2017 to 31 December 2017.

The ‘Registered Post’ promotion is aimed at conveying physical cash in envelopes as well as creating awareness of the service within the market.

The promotion offers customers discounts on postage fees as shown below:

Amount being sent Registered Postage fee ($)
0 – 50 1.80
51 – 75 2.70
76 – 100 3.60

For security and safety purposes, customers are encouraged to use Zimpost registered envelopes which are available at 10 cents per envelope.

Current conditions of acceptance and delivery of a registered item

  • The maximum amount which can be sent by registered post is $100.00 per register.
  • Both sender and recipient’s addresses are endorsed on the registered envelope.
  • The money to be sent is counted and verified by both sender and counter clerk and recorded on the relevant form
  • Both the receiver and sender should endorse their phone numbers on the relevant for
  • The sender inserts the money in the registered envelope and seal the envelope in the presence of the counter clerk, and hands over the registered item to the counter clerk.
  • Both sender and recipient’s addresses are endorsed on the relevant form
  • An advise slip is sent to the recipient notifying the recipient that a registered item awaits collection at the post office
  • The registered item is delivered over the counter after verification checks have been completed

    • Delivery Specifications for the target group

      • For the rural population, notification of registered items awaiting collection will be done by phoning the recipients, since there is no street delivery in rural areas.
      • As for school children will be advised of any registers awaiting collection through the school telephone numbers.

      Security measures

      • The “Post Office Golden Rule” of the hand to hand checks is always observed at all times as the registers are being processed from office to office and from person to person.
      • Registered Post custody records are also properly maintained at Post Offices and Offices of Exchange and registered items will be kept under lock and key.
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